Genesis Fair Trade

Genesis is a social enterprise dedicated to empowering creative women and men around the globe. Their products are bought from artisans who use traditional methods to create beautiful art, from jewelry to ponchos. They work with artisans to sell them at a fair trade price and the net profits are returned to the artisans’ communities, and improve everyone’s quality of life.

Your purchases support these gifted clothing, accessory, and jewelry artisans. The store’s goods are produced with organic materials and natural dyes. Whether you buy Inca jewelry or a handbag reflecting Zapotec culture, you get high-quality products—and a chance to participate in indigenous communities’ journeys to better lives.


To create an engaging and empowering design campaign for Genesis Fair Trade.


  • Women ages 20-45 years old
  • Women who shop ethically and live consciously
  • Women who want to become #PartnersInEmpowerment and help invest in artisan communities around the globe.


  • Indigenous/traditional Mexican and South American patterns and symbols.
  • Rustic, bohemian style.
  • Rough texture applications for a more handmade and aged look.


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